Apply License

  "username" : "root",
  "password" : "root",
  "q" : "apply-license",
  "p" : {
    "node-id" : "xxx",
    "license" : "zzz"

Applies the specified license to the node with the specified node-id. A node with the specified node-id needs to be registered in the cluster and currently active and reachable for the license to be applied. The license key provided should be a valid encrypted licensed issued by BlobCity corresponding to the node-id. BlobCity issues a license key per node-id, so a valid license that is generated for a different node-id will not work.

The operation requires the connecting user to have a manage-license permission. The applied license will override any existing license applied on the node.

Response Structure

  "ack" : "1",
  "time" : 1000

Provides a simple success response confirming the application of the new license. The operation is expected to return a ack value of 0 if the license is invalid, node id provided is invalid or the specified node could not be reached.