View Node


Provides details of the node on which the query is run. The query can be run on a standalone single instance of BlobCity or on a cluster. If the query is fired on a cluster, the query will return with details of the node on which the query was received. This operation is restricted for hosted cloud instances of BlobCity.

View Another Node

blobcity>view-node {node-id}

Gets the details of the node with the specified {node-id}. The query can be run from any node on a cluster. The specified {node-id} however must be a valid node connected to the same cluster for the query to succeed.

Response Structure

   "node-id" : "xxx",
   "ip" : "",
   "cpu" : 8,
   "mem-free" : 100000,
   "mem-total" : 1000000,
   "disk-free" : 100000,
   "disk-total" : 100000,
   "load-factor" : 0.8,
   "license-type" : "enterprise"
   "licensed-till" : "01/01/2017 00:00 GMT"

The response contains details about the node. Check the clustering section for more information on the details that are tracked per node. A brief description of each returned parameter is provided in the table below.

Parameter Details
node-id The universally unique node identifier. Details returned are for the node identified by this node-id
ip The network IP address of the node. If the node has multiple ethernet cards, this is the IP of the ethernet card that the node is connected to
cpu The number of processor cores, with hyper-threading connected on the node
mem-free The amount of free memory as of now in bytes
mem-total The amount of total RAM memory available on the system in bytes
disk-free The amount of free disk space as of now in bytes
disk-total The amount of total disk space available on the system in bytes
load-factor A BlobCity produced load factor indicating current loading of the node. Value is in the range of 0 - 1 with a value of 1 indicating an extremely loaded node
license-type The type of license applied on the node
licensed-till The date till which the current license is valid